Award Winning


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recent Results from 2022 competitions:

Access Broadway (January)

  • Best Director

  • Best Choreography Nominations

  • 1st Place Overall:

    • Teen Dancer: Abby P. ​

    • Teen Duet: Kaylee B. & Rosie G. 

    • Mini Duet/Trio: Peyton C., Paislee W. & Reese B.

    • Mini Group 6/under

  • Many Overall Placements and Platinum awards!

Starbound (February)

  • Studio Spirit Award

  • 1st Place Overall:​

    • Mini Dancer: Juliette B.​

    • Mini Duet/Trio: Peyton C., Paislee W. & Reese B.

    • Junior Petite Groups: Slumber Party Girls, Spice Girls

    • Junior Dancer: Aryanna C. 

    • Junior Group: Constellations

    • Teen Dancer: Abby P. 

    • Teen Production: Come Alive

    • Senior Dancer: Julia K. 

  • Scholarships to Ignite Dance: Raegan V., Aryanna C. & Abby P. 

  • Many Overall Placements and Elite Gold awards!

ROYALS (March)

  • Ground-Breaking Artists Studio Award

  • Best Choreography: Constellations

  • 1st Place Overall: 

    • Mini Dancer: Juliette B. ​

    • Petite Duet/Trio: Peyton C., Paislee W. & Reese B.

    • Petite Group: Slumber Party Girls

    • Junior Dancer: Avery B. 

    • Junior Group: Constellations

    • Teen Duo/Trio: Kaylee B. & Rosie G.

    • Senior Duo/Trio: Julia K. & Madison S. 

  • Judges Awards including "Ray of Light", "Dancing Queens", "Full of Grace" 

  • Dancer on Fire: Avery B.

  • Many Top 10 Placements and Blue Diamond awards! 

Beyond the stars (march)


Showstoppers (april)


Spirit of dance (may)


Available for students ages 4-18

Please contact us if interested in the competition team! 


We are so proud of our team!

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