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BJDS Class Descriptions


Ballet is the foundation of all forms of dance. Ballet improves every dancers balance, strength, control, and flexibility. BJDS offers training in ballet to all ages and levels of dancers. Black cami bodysuit, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, and hair in a bun is required for this class.


Tap dance increases a dancers rhythm. BJDS offers Tap to students ages 3 to adult. Each class concentrates on teaching proper technique and musical awareness. 

Hip Hop

Our Hip Hop classes improve musicality and rhythm, while encouraging self-confidence and of course fun! Hip Hop dance is a great work out for dancers of all ages and abilities from 6 years old to adults. BJDS also offers Hippity Hop to children ages 4-6 (combining hip hop technique and tumbling) and Wee Bop Hip Hop for children ages 3-5.

Baby Bop

A fun class for newborns to 18 months and their guardian. Babies will learn to work with instruments and clap and dance along to familiar songs while socializing with others in their age group!

Tiny Tutu's & Teenie Ballereenies

Our littlest ballerinas will learn basic ballet technique and fine motor skills through fun games, classic techniques and props. (Tiny Tutu's is for 2 year olds and Teenie Ballereenies is for ages 3 & 4). 


In a jazz class, dancers will be taught to execute movements with correct technique while showing off their own unique style. Jazz class includes warm up and stretching, progression across the floor, and dance combinations to fun, upbeat music. Offered for students aged 6 to adults, ranging in levels from beginner to advanced. 


Lyrical and contemporary are very similar classes in the sense that they both lead the dancer to a more intricate level of technique. Dancers will improve upper body strength, develop beautiful lines, and learn to dance through story-telling. 

Musical Theater

Musical Theater students will learn to tell a story combining acting, music and theater jazz dance. The dancers will learn routines from our favorite Broadway shows, movies and classics. BJDS offers Musical Theater for students ages 7+. BJDS also offers Musical Mini's for children ages 4-7. 

Toddler Time

Starting at 18 months, you can bond with your child in a playful setting while they learn fine motor skills, dance, use instruments and sing songs (w/adult). 


Tap, Ballet and Tumbling are taught all in a 50 minute class to children 3-5 years old. Dancers will learn creative movement, all beginning dance techniques and even how to change their own dance shoes.

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